by A. Arca

Tinder is one of the best social networking sites where you can communicate and interact with people, find new friends and of course, meet new partners. This is not like any other social networking sites because it is made specially for dating. Since in Tinder, people do not see you in person to know more about your personality, your characteristics and your identity in general. Therefore, to be able to score the best guy/girl for you, it is important to follow these simple yet effective steps in attracting the girl or guy of your dreams:

  1. Upload a profile picture

With so many people using Tinder, those who automatically do not have profile pictures are AUTOMATICALLY skipped by people when looking for prospects. Why? Simply because there is no way to know how you look! Your face is one of the few available basis they have to judge you, make sure your profile picture looks decent, presentable and attractive!

  1. Have at least two to five other pictures

One profile picture may not be enough for some people especially when your profile picture is too little or blurred. Having other pictures in your profile signifies people that you are not hiding anything and you just didn’t get your profile picture from hot girl on google.

  1. Show off your interest

Women and men find prospects also based on their interests or the desirable hobbies he or she wants in his or her partner. If a guy want a woman who loves to cook, it is automatic that he will search it in your profile description, so make sure to be as detailed with your profile description as possible.

  1. Be honest in your personal description

Obviously, do not write things you are not passionate about because when they find out about it, not only will they hate you, but you have just wasted the perfect opportunity to be with someone you actually like. Being honest with your personal description will also make you meet the real woman or man that you truly like.

  1. Know how to start the conversation

Once someone noticed your account, things will not progress if you do not make a move. Impressions do not just end in profile pictures and description, but more importantly, make sure to start the conversation as lively as possible without looking like you’re trying to impress the person.

  1. Know how to find out if she looks good in person or just in pictures

The best way to know if she really looks good in person is by stalking her pictures not just in Tinder but in other social networking sites, provided that she is using her real name. Even Google can actually work.

  1. Use photos with your grandma or dogs

This really is a desperate move, but who cares right? Pictures with grandma’s, mothers, dogs, pets, (but not with your children please) is an instant like because it shows your sympathetic side and women just like that bit of love!

  1. Don’t use group photos

As much you like to show-off you have friends, using group photos will divert your prospects attention, and instead of looking at you, she might even hit on the guys you are with in the picture!

  1. Study profile pictures carefully

Like what I said, profile pictures play a huge role in Tinder. When girls only show their faces in their pictures, chances are she doesn’t have a great body. When her picture seemed like it was photoshop-ed, maybe she is not confident with her face or she’s ugly in personal. Indicators like these should really be taken seriously.

10. Be the real you

If you are the simple type of guy, show it in your profile. If you are the type who likes adventures, then that is what you show project. Just be the real you if you want the girl who will notice you to like you for who you are and not some stranger you invented.