Top 10 Relationship Mistakes Intelligent Men Make With Women

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

In excellent seminar, find out the top 10 relationship mistakes that intelligent men make with women before, during and after a relationship. You’ll find out about these 10 relationship mistakes:

Relationship Mistake #1: The fear of making mistakes: When in school, a man is taught to avoid making mistakes and they grow up with this concept in mind which they also apply when dealing with women.

Relationship Mistake #2: Not being honest about his intention to sleep with a woman: communicate using body language. Touch her lightly on her arm or shoulder and establish long eye contact.

Relationship Mistake #3: Ineffective communication: While on a date, show interest by asking about her likes and dislikes, hobbies, her friends and everything else that will show her you want to know her more. This creates a good impression and builds rapport.

Relationship Mistake #4: Dating a woman for her beauty:  It is not advisable to date a woman just for her looks but qualities she possesses.

Relationship Mistake #5: Lack of any skill set: If you are knowledgeable in areas such as how to touch, establish effective eye contact and hold a good conversation, this will attract a woman.

Relationship Mistake #6: Lack of energy: A man should possess enough energy to enable him approach a woman in a bar, book store and other places.

Relationship Mistake #7: Having negative friends: These men can hinder you from progressing in a relationship.

Relationship Mistake #8: Being scared of beautiful women: Establish a friendship with a beautiful woman so as to get rid of this fear.

Relationship Mistake #9: Planning what to say to a woman instead of planning the date: Let things flow naturally. For example, if you see signs that she wants to be kissed do it and do it well!

Relationship Mistake #10: Lack of social intelligence: This is important so as to be able to interpret what a woman really wants. If you are not able to gauge a woman’s actions, you will not progress with her. For instance, when you meet a woman the first time in bar, brushing her body next to you when passing and talking loudly to draw your attention shows she is interested in you.