The Essentials of Daygame

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Daygame is harder than night game because women dress-up and go out to nightclubs and bars during the nighttime to meet men. But during the daytime, they might not be as receptive.

As a result, men go through a lot of pain in daygame. Day game is a long term process. It may take quite some time to make progress. Important elements involved in daygame are dedication and determination, enjoying the process and acquiring harsh but fair results. Daygame can be more fun, because you can do it anytime. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to go out. You can do it right now.

Warming Up for Daygame

You need to warm up and a good way is by giving compliments to a woman, such as, ‘I love your dress.’ For example, you can walk up to a girl in a shop and compliment her without asking for her number.

Visualization Exercises for Daygame

You can visualize the kind of woman you want to be with such as her hair. With this picture in mind, when you meet, things will just click into place. Oneness is important. Be one with whatever you are dealing with. Many people do not persist with daygame because it is difficult.

The first numbers you get from women do not have a long term effect on you. Appreciate that you are developing slowly. The advantage of daygame is that you can do it anywhere and at anytime. Do not take the way a woman reacts personally. Be tactful in the way you approach her. In case you meet in the street and she is ahead of you, run up to her and stop her. Give her direct eye contact and tell her, ‘I saw you and thought you look nice.’ The vibe she will give you will be a reflection of your vibe. Be in control but do not be too smooth. Look flustered and vulnerable.