The Dangers of Mail Order Brides

When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The dangers of mail order brides is beautifully discussed in these four interesting TV shows and documentaries. First up is Dr. Phil’s episode on the $2 billion mail order bridge industry. Interestingly, this episode of Dr. Phil shows both sides of the coin. The dangers of mail order brides, that is, marrying a woman who is not really in love with you. You see not-so-attractive and old bachelors looking for mail order brides that are not really suitable for them. If we are being brutally honest, these mail order brides are a bit too young, and too eager to get a greencard and move to the US to marry these old farts. Chances are that these mail order brides would drop their new husbands as soon as they find someone more eligible. On the flipside, the TV shows also shows the dangers for mail order brides marrying a not so nice American husband. In this case, you see a husband who is said to treat his Romanian mail order bride like a slave:


Second, enjoy also the “Email Order Brides” documentary, which shows how a romance trip actually works. Not very glamorous if you ask me. There’s a reason why some of these men cannot easily find women in the US, and seek love abroad. It’s beautifully displayed in this documentary:


Here’s another documentary entitled “Desperate Western Men Hunting for Wives in the Ukraine”, which also chronicles a romance tour and interviews the women behind-the-scenes:


And last but not least a documentary on “Russian Beauties”. It’s for the beauties that can be found overseas that we bother to spend time and money to lure them, right? 🙂

What do you think? Are the dangers of mail order brides too much, or is the search for the perfect wife and true love worth it?