Best Texts to Send a Girl and Text Flirting

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

There are many myths that surround ways in which men should start a conversation through texting, when communicating with a girl. A common misconception is that you can text the same things you would say to her when you are face to face, essentially trying to have a normal conversation. Unfortunately, this is not the right approach to take when texting, because it’s not the right means to engage her in such a conversation. So here are some tips you might wish to follow when text flirting:

Tips for Text Flirting                       

  • The first thing to note is that what you text is different from other normal conversation you may have with her. The material you send through text may not apply in other regular face to face conversation.
  • It is very important to note that pleasantries are not needed when texting. These include greetings and small talk which is pointless. Avoid writing points such as, ‘how was your day?’ This is something which would be suitable to ask your Dad!
  • When texting a girl, go straight to the point. Be humorous; for example, you may text something like this in the morning; ‘I just had a life changing cup of coffee . I hope you are having a nice day.’ This kind of text is relaxed and easy.
  • Things like, ‘how is your day, what are you up to…’, will make her think too hard wondering how to respond. She will feel pressured and may decide not to reply at all.
  • It is vital to note that what you text reflects on your personality. If you inject a bit of humor in your messages, she will interpret it to mean you are funny.
  • If you send dull messages, she is not going to notice you. Make sure you display unique personality. Write what you are comfortable with and this will in turn make her comfortable.
  • Be relaxed and talk to her like you have always known her.