How To Surround Yourself With Beautiful Women

by R. Aguilar

You walk into a bar and see this man seated in a corner table with a whole bunch of about gorgeous women. You notice how these girls all seem to hang on his every word and laugh at his corniest of jokes. They adore him and you sense them silently competing for his attention. WTF! He’s not even that good-looking, hell, at face value, you can say that you look way better than he does. To you he seems like any average Joe but for those women, he’s a sizzling hot scrumptious Joe. You grab your beer, settle on your bar stool, sigh, and think, “Lucky bastard.”

But is it really sheer luck? Is it a matter of some guys just having it and some just don’t? Is it the food he eats, the cologne he uses, the size of his John Thomas? I mean, seriously, what gives?

In this short video, seduction expert and pick-up arts superstar Richard LaRuina dissects the simple explanation to this dating “phenomena” of average men desired by lots of beautiful women. Richard will share with you — as you will soon realize after watching the video — some uncomplicated steps and practical advice on how to get all a lot of beautiful women to regularly gather around you – where to find them, how to surround yourself with them, and how to make them — almost groupie-like to a rock star — fight over you.

Don’t be fooled though. If you want phenomenal and extraordinary results, don’t expect instant rewards. You’ll have to up your game like never before. Think about it, if it were that easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this article now, would you? Instead, you’d be out there, just like that lucky bastard, surrounding yourself with the prettiest of women getting laid like mad.

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