A Simple Secret To Explode Your Social Network

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

One of the easiest ways to expand your social network of friends, and create more opportunities to meet new people is to explore your own neighborhood. How well do you know your neighborhood? Many of us are used to visiting the same places over and over and this makes us become boring. Walk around your local area and explore new places. This would be ideal on a Saturday afternoon. Visit new places such as restaurants, supermarkets and art galleries. Walk in and ask questions such as what they have to offer, the best time to visit, and the rates they charge. This is a method of socializing and meeting new people, not just girls that you want to date, but also to start building a new social network of friends with different hobbies, activities and interests. The bigger your social network, the more opportunities you have to meet women socially and in casual situations through your social network not requiring a cold approach.