12 Proven Micro Signs Of Attraction

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

Here are some strong signs of attraction that you should look out for in a woman’s body language and behavior:

1. To get attention, single women stand near the bar, or where there is high traffic to get male attention.

2. Women who are not seeking a man’s attention sit somewhere they are not bound to get noticed.

3. A woman who is dressed in sexy attire at a bar means she wants to draw male attention to her.

4. When a girl is meters away from a man with one foot or both pointed towards the man, this is a definite sign of interest!

5. Women have a tendency of flicking back their hair. This could be a sign of attraction to a man, especially if it is done repeatedly.

6. If a guy is standing at the bar chatting with friends then women come to stand next to them, this indicates interest. They may also join you at the dance floor.

7. If you are standing somewhere and a beautiful girl passes in front and not behind you, she definitely wants you to notice her.

8. When a girl is talking to another and laughs or talks rather loudly, this is a sign that she has spotted a guy she likes and wants attention.

9. When a woman in a bar keeps passing you, for example, going to the ladies or a friend’s table to say hi, she definitely wants you to notice her.

10. If you are having a conversation with a girl and she asks questions about you, it means she wants to get to know you more.

11. When a girl leaves the group of friends she was with so as to concentrate on you, this is a positive sign!

12. During a conversation, a girl may gaze in to your eyes, or look at your lips, or play with an earring or necklace. These means she likes you!