Interview With Hawaiian Tropic Model Sarah Orbanic

By Andy Pope

Meet this stunning Croatian-born Hawaiian Tropic model who now splashes on covers of the best-known magazines – from Oxygen, Curves, Muscle & Fitness and many more. You can also visit her website directly at Enjoy the interview:

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the three most important attributes that you look for in a man?

Sarah Orbanic: He has to have passion for life and what he does. Has to have a cheerful attitude, and extremely smart

What was your most fun date?

Sarah Orbanic: We stayed at a Lake Front Tahoe cabin. We spent a lot of time in the water riding jet ski’s, BBQ-ing hot dogs and hamburgers.

How did you meet your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

Sarah Orbanic: On a photo shoot. He was the photographer and I was the model. He asked me to stay for a beer afterwards.

If I wanted to meet a beautiful woman like you, what would be the best place to meet you? Where do you hang out? (for example: at Yoga, in a gym, in a restaurant, at a party)

Sarah Orbanic: There are two great gyms with lot’s of hot girls in Los Angeles….L.A. Fitness on Wilshire, and Bodies in Motion on Bundy st. (L.A.)

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you? (for example: a bar, at work)

Sarah Orbanic: It’s never a bad time…it just depends if I’m into you, or if I already have a boyfriend.

Have you ever dated a guy that you didn’t like when you first met him? If yes, what did he do to become more attractive to you?

Sarah Orbanic: I did. He didn’t pursue me……that got my attention.

What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

Sarah Orbanic: I don’t give any signals….that I could tell. It’s fun to draw it out.

What is the one thing you wish all men knew about women and dating?

Sarah Orbanic: To be honestly confident. I hate dating men who act as if they are confident to only find out later that it was only an act.