How To Run A Perfect Pickup


By R. Aguilar

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.


                                                                                                                     — Vince Lombardi

Of course the iconic NFL player / coach may have been referring to football game in this quote, but come to think of it, the dating or pickup game is more or less like any other sports game in terms of variables: players, coaches, competitions, targets, goals, inner and outer game skills, style, tactics, strategy and so on. 

While football is all about touchdowns and field goals, picking up women is generally about men meeting and developing varying types and levels of connections with women — casual or serious, romantic or sexual, or both, in truly dynamic social settings. While the over-all objective is winning — it is a game, after all — players, especially those who have been in the game long enough, find genuine satisfaction, excitement, and yeah, happiness, in the process of the game.

Now, strictly speaking, the term perfect is defined as being entirely without mistakes or flaws. It corresponds to achieving the maximum level of a certain standard of a certain structure. So how to run a perfect pickup would mean running a set or series of sets smoothly from  beginning to end — from opening up to closing.  

In this video blog, however, Real Social Dynamic (RSD) Executive Coach Jeff Allen shares his realizations on the idea of a “perfect” pickup and it’s definitely not just about getting the results. 

“You run the pickup perfectly when there is passion injected into it,” relates Jeff. 

By “reconciling” his belief systems and “taking the bad with the good”, Jeff arrived at the conclusion that “to make people (women) happy is really what the game is all about.”  He adds though, that “to give pleasure you must take pleasure” which he says he gets when he puts smile on people’s faces and you can only do this by “being in the field and enjoying the process.” 

What do you think? Does any of this make sense to you? Is your idea of pickup perfection the same with Jeff’s?