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RSD is one of the first global PUA course providers with a strong stable of great coaches.

Review of the Real Social Dynamics RSD Bootcamp

Price: $2,500

Sign-up at: http://www.realsocialdynamics.com/bootcamps.asp

Do you want to completely change your life and destiny? A live PUA bootcamp seminar can not only boost your confidence with women, but could also boost your confidence overall. If you could more easily attract and seduce women, wouldn’t you also feel more powerful in other areas in your life? We think you would. So the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) bootcamp is one of the best bootcamps available all around North America and internationally. 

The three-day Bootcamp held by Real Social Dynamics is aimed at men of any pick-up skill level. The RSD Bootcamp is a weekend of being completely immersed in the PUA game; immersed in your own psychology, in the psychology you need to achieve, and, most importantly, immersed in the atmosphere where you need to thrive.

Unlike other programs, the RSD Bootcamp boasts a 3 is to 1 instructor ratio, claiming that the dynamics of such numbers work best in social situations, where participants can also learn off each other and rub off on each other positively. With the help of instructors who are not only expert PUAs themselves, but have also been trainers for decades, RSD Bootcamp participants are placed in real-life situations where they can see first-hand how techniques are applied. They are then given the opportunity to apply it themselves, again and again, and a new level of mastery is reached check it out .

How the RSD Bootcamp Works 

The RSD Bootcamp starts by setting expectations of participants then identifying their individual needs. Then the participants together with the instructor go out in various settings like malls, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and the like. Out in the real world is where RSD Bootcamp’s real training occurs. It is then that various techniques are taught, where different kinds of pick-ups are demonstrated step by step and up-close, so that participants can better follow how it’s done.

Once all the questions are answered, the instructor guides the participants and even acts as their wingman when approaching girls themselves. Right off the bat participants can apply the techniques and approaches they have just seen and are able to try it out for themselves.

Throughout the course of the weekend RSD Bootcamp instructors continuously help the participants hone and refine not only their pick-up skills, but their entire demeanor and mindset.

Takeaway for the RSD Bootcamp

Whether the participant is a novice or an advanced PUA, RSD Bootcamp promises positive results. Novices who have never approached a woman in their lives leave with a better understanding of how it works and how it can work for them. Meanwhile, intermediates are often taken from “Intermediate Purgatory” and are able to take their game to the next level. Even advanced participants who already have the skill set leave with more clarity and a deeper understanding of the entire process.

For more information on the RSD Bootcamp, check out RSD’s website at http://www.realsocialdynamics.com/bootcamps.asp

Here’s also a quick overview that RSD’s founder Owen provides on the RSD bootcamp: