Random Guy Picks Up 10 Girls in 30 Minutes

By Rocky

“Here’s Johnny!”

Depends on how you feel about watching Johnny Berba’s infield daygame videos, that opening is with reference to Ed McMahon’s famous introduction to Johnny Carson in The Tonight Show, or that of Jack Nicholson in The Shining as a man gone mad who’s about to axe murder his wife.

Yeah, one tend to get mixed feelings about watching Johnny’ videos like this one. For some, it’s quite a painful experience watching him get rejected by a girl too many. For others, it’s inspiring how resilient he is as he instantly bounces back and is at it again after taking just a moment to breathe.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider this: for someone who is anti-routine and profess a strong dislike for pickup lines, I wish he’d have other more interesting and clever opening lines and conversation topics aside from, “I’m sorry, you look gorgeous, I just had to talk to you,” and “So, where are you from?” and then proceed to ask if she’s Eastern European, Russian or Polish or whatever. I mean, after watching a few of his videos, he’s got 51 infield demonstration videos now up in his YouTube channel, you can’t help but notice that except for the hundreds of girls he’s tried to pick up on cam,  the videos are all pretty much the same — he fails more than he pass.

I get it that Johnny’s lessons revolves around getting over one’s fears, that the message he wants his students to take home is that there is nothing wrong with rejections because that is the reality of infield daygame, and so they just need to man up, practice their approach more but always be honest, authentic and natural. But would it hurt so much to show a bit more wit in his opening lines and conversation? Sure, it’s nice and respectful (except for his, “So how old are you?” question, which is probably meant to elicit a reaction from the girl, albeit an irritated one) but it almost feels like a weather conversation. Now I’m reminded of an Oscar Wilde quote, “Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

Perhaps if Johnny will inject more imagination and make an extra effort in improving his conversational skills as part of his ongoing transformation as a man, maybe we’ll get to see more smooth closes in his next pickup videos. Oh, can’t wait!

Hey, that’s just me, maybe I don’t really get Johnny? But how about you, what do you think?