Picking Up Girls In Loud Clubs

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Picking-up girls in loud clubs is easier said than done. Indeed, some clubs are so noisy that you feel like you are in a war zone. This kind of environment is very inhospitable and unhealthy. There are some ways you can try to improve your chances in loud clubs:

• You can take vocal lessons to improve your vocal tone. These lessons help you to project your voice in a clear way. This enables you to speak without screaming as this is harmful to your vocal codes.

• If you are on a date with your girl, to be heard above the loud noise, move closer to her and talk directly into her ear.

• If the noise is too much to contain, look for another quieter place and relocate.

• Frequenting clubs which have very loud music can damage your hearing. Look for ear plugs to present this. You can buy Etymotic Research ear plugs from Amazon which cost $12. These help to tune out harmful frequencies. The disadvantage is that your voice sounds muffled in your head and you feel detached from the environment.

• Musician Ear Plugs go for $300 and help to tune out harmful frequencies.