How to pick up beautiful women at the gym

By R. Aguilar

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Jean Jacques Rousseau

Of course you want to date beautiful women, no man in his right mind wouldn’t. Now, unless you’re a billionaire, a rock star, or one of those who made it to Glamour magazine’s 100 Sexiest and Hottest Man Alive, these sweet, gorgeous women won’t just come queuing up at your doorstep.

No man, they won’t. You have to work harder and be sneakier than most average gamer would.
After years of mistakes, embarrassment and letdowns in picking-up hot, gorgeous women, and reading all the dating books where he learned nothing but picking-up average looking women, Matt Cross aka Mr. M, crafted a set of time-tested dating strategies with the ultimate goal of landing dates with any beautiful woman you want. Mr. M willfully studied the beautiful women’s mindset — their insecurities, whims and utter frustration with meeting men who obviously wants nothing else but to hit on them.
“Imagine you’re a secret agent and your mission is to attract this beautiful woman… without blowing your cover,” advises Mr. M in this free training video on How to Pick Up Beautiful Women at the Gym. The gym, of course is one of the best places to find attractive gorgeous women but it is also, as any daygamer would tell you, one of the toughest for pick-ups. It is also the place where you will most likely see the girl again so you it would suck if you failed at your game. But in this video, Mr. M. will let you in to some of his sneaky but simple tricks on how to do it through patience, willingness to wait and the right dose of self-control – prove that you’re not like the rest and stay in the game.