Phone Game Exposed

By R. Aguilar

Meet Aussie Tim — Timothy Marc, or Tim the Natural (yeah, dating coaches tend to go by many different names). He’s one of the guys over at RSD or Real Social Dynamics, one of the biggest and most successful dating companies out there today. Tim often speaks of the “bubble of love”. It is a concept that puts the girl into this “you and me” bubble instead of the “you vs me” dynamics applied by quite a few dating coaches to “close” the girl. With “bubble of love”, the idea is to get the girl to go out with you because she wants to, and not because you tricked her into it.

In this short video, a snack pick from his instructional DVD “Natural Flawless”, he reveals a couple of phone game tips he use to get the girl to go out on a date with him. He stresses, though, that the key to successful phone game is running a solid interaction with the girl to begin with. Without that, don’t expect the girl to go all giddy and excited over receiving a text message or a phone call from you.

Here’s a quick sample of what to expect in the video and how Tim does it in is phone game the natural way and keeping things in the “bubble of love”:

“You’re my new text message girlfriend for the next 5 minutes.”

With or without a response, after 5 minutes, text: “Awww… now we’re broken up. It’s not you, it’s me. Was fun though.”

After another 5 minutes, text: “Awww… now I kinda miss you, silly me. I am gonna do whatever it takes for you to get back with me…”

There’s more in the video. Just watch it, maybe give it a try, and let us know what you think below.