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Your Perfect Match Is Out There, Waiting For You

By Rocky

Yes, it’s time.

After much tossing and turning, thought and soul-searching, you know you’re ready.

No, it’s not because you’ve had enough of gallivanting… man, you had more than your fair share of game with a seemingly endless stream of pleasure-seeking women.

Neither is because you’ve had it with the constant teasing and often calamitous matchmaking of your family and married friends.

It’s also not due to the fact that despite all your successes in life — having reached all your targets in career, wealth, social status — poignantly absent is that real special person to share all of it with. That right side of your huge bed has been cold and unoccupied long enough.

Well, okay, fine… it is a little bit of all of the above. But most of all, it’s this:

You have this nagging and gnawing need, this constant feeling that comes from deep within that you fail to put it into words. It’s a longing, a good kind of longing, for that one special woman.

You just know she’s out there, somewhere, waiting for you. You can feel her, she haunts your dreams, the ones you don’t want to wake up from.

In those dreams, she loves you for who you are, warts and all. She laughs at your jokes, pokes fun at your mini-pot belly but gives it tiny, soft, tickling kisses when you’re snuggled in bed. Ah, your bed, no longer cold and impersonal… now it holds all her sweet scent and you just want to lie there, in her arms, forever… or at least, until you wake up.

So yes, it’s time. It is time to find the one.

But where to begin?

With the best out there, of course, and one that understands what you need. No, not the casual, speed dating sites — been there, done that. This time you want a serious, committed and long-term relationship and Perfect Match will help you do just that.



Unique features of PerfectMatch

Duet® Total Compatibility System searches for your match as it takes into account the whole you — your personality, lifestyle, values and preferences-the key elements that create the most successful, lasting relationships.

In addition to receiving highly compatible matches that align with your Duet® results, PerfectMatch offer comprehensive search tools so you can search on your own, you can search in your own terms.

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  • Premium membership costs $59.95 for one month, three months for $110.85 ($36.95 a month).
  • Platinum membership costs $199.95 for six months ($33.33 a month).

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