Interview With Penthouse Pet Terri Summers

By Andy Pope

Terri Summers is…well, Terri Summers. 🙂 We asked the adult film star and Penthouse Pet Terri Summers about the first and unusual dates. What makes a good first date? How does one keep Terri Summers and other beautiful women entertained on a first date? Enjoy our interview with Penthouse Pet Terri Summers:

What was your best date? What made it special?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: My best date ever was actually very plain, we agreed to meet at the bar were we first made eye contact, from there to a club, but then we decided to go back to the bar, sat at the bar had a few drinks, and chatted so much, about everything in life, after the bat was closed at 6 am, we went to the park and stayed there talking till way in the afternoon.. we even saw the sun coming up, and this was in the middle of the winter!

What was your most unusual date? Would you recommend it again?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: It is not unusual, but I hate going for dinner on a first date, it make me feel so uncomfortable, never know what I can eat without it looking like I am a pig or on diet!

What’s a good location/venue for a first date?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: I think the movies or a lounge bar, from there you can always move on if you like each other to a nice dinner, or a nightclub.

What topics do you like to talk about when you’re on a date?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: Probably funny things that were on the news, work, friends, the place you are in and whatever makes me comfortable at the moment. Nothing too heavy.

What topics don’t you like to talk about when you’re on a date?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: Politics and exes.

What things should guys know about dating but never seem to get correctly?

Penthouse Pet Terri Summers: It’s ok to be a gentlemen, we don’t like paying on our first date, When we say ‘I’ll pay half’ we want you to ignore it and pay anyway. Don’t stare when we eat, this is very nerve wrecking. I love a compliment but don’t overdo it.

Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to communicate to men who are interested in dating beautiful and intelligent women?

Be sweet, gentle and funny. But don’t try to hard! You look best just being yourself, even if that means a date at burger king, if you can still make me laugh and have a great time there, that is better then being somewhere uncomfortable! Just make sure you tell us more or less where we are going.. we need to dress for this! Surprises are not cool on a first date, unless that includes a shopping trip or new clothes.