(Photo courtesy of Istolethetv, CC)

The Paleo Diet and High Intensity Training

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

This excellent video provides a quick overview of the Paleo diet and high intensity training. After all, if you exercise and eat well, the quality of your life improves. It is not possible to ignore one aspect of life and succeed. Everything is connected in one way or the other. For instance, if you are not in good health and are always sick you won’t be an attractive partner to a woman.

Keep in shape as a woman cannot reject you for being in good shape! Being in good shape helps to attract women.

Conventional Exercise

Any kind of random physical activity which makes you sweat can be termed as exercise. Physical activity sometimes can be damaging, for example when you get hurt while playing football. Cardio exercises can lead to heart disease in future if done too excessively. Proper exercise should be brief, intense and frequent. Exercise should also be safe. You can build muscles from exercising but strength cannot be built. Muscles are different from strength. It is advisable to combine exercise with specific movement. Sprinting a lot works to build muscles in specific areas. Strength training covers all parts of the body. If your muscles work well this will in turn make the internal organs function well. Cardio exercises make you hungry, so in the long run this form of exercise is not very effective as you burn up calories and then replace them when you eat more.

Nutrition and the Paleo Diet

Good nutrition complements what you do in life. Some foods which are healthy to include in the diet are meat, fish and whole eggs. Coconut and pumpkin seeds are also healthy to eat. Avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Eat carrots in plenty. Fruits such as strawberries are also ideal. Avoid grains, white bread and beans.