Cracking the Code to Online Dating

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

In this video, get a quick download on how to improve your online dating success. Though note that online dating should not be a replacement for real-world dating and approaching women. Most men do not use online dating correctly. If you do not have confidence and skills, you will be shy and awkward when you go out on dates. So you need to improve your dating skills one way or the other. Online dating websites are only another source of women, but won’t help you build your confidence with women in general.

Here’s how you best approach the online dating game:

• Select a site you want to use, for example, Facebook,, etc.

• Create a profile then copy and paste it on other sites.

• ‘Plenty of fish’ is a great site to use which is free and simple to use.

• Find out who the enemy is, that is, see things from her perspective.

• Details such as divorced or separated when indicating your marital status are not necessary. Instead, just write single.

• Do not use lines such as ‘not looking for intimate encounter’.

• The headline of the page is very important and you should find a unique headline. The response depends on the heading.

• Make sure you post a presentable picture of yourself. • When writing about what you like doing, include something like music. The messages you write should be short and sweet, not lengthy and irrelevant stuff.

• Specify what you don’t like when specifying the kind of person you want to date and what you are looking for.

• If the picture the woman has posted is not clear, it means she is hiding something and you should avoid her.

• When the head is tilted to one side, this is a bit odd and could mean also that she is hiding something, such as a fat neck.

• Avoid women who post crude pictures of themselves half naked.

• When sending the first message to start a conversation, use an opener that is interesting to ensure she sends back a response.