One Muslim greatest the online Islamic matchmaking markets

Established in 2000, UK-based one Muslim is definitely a respected international Islamic matchmaking website. This is the primary mover helping young British Muslims discover lives mate online. The platform supplies an alternative solution, Islamically acceptable program for younger Muslims to interact in order to find her life couples.

Sole Muslim was launched at once once online dating services was actually getting grip. The capacity to satisfy prospective lifestyle associates in a flexible, modern fashion ended up being an unmet requirement during the time the particular business am conceptualized. There’s a generation of younger Muslims sick and tired of typical matchmaking that involved sociable demands, and sometimes brought about lots of qualified Muslims struggling to locate somebody.

“The major reason is that we happened to be initial production of [young] Muslims [in the UK] struggling to find couples. Normally, marriages were positioned between individuals and Muslims sense pressured because mothers relied on their own, commonly dated ideas,” stated CEO and Founder Adeem Younis.

Being the need for on-line matrimonial providers improves among young generations of Muslims, the service offered by one Muslim will become sugar daddy philadelphia progressively vital. The platform offers the the exact same operation as internet dating, like the capacity to talk, communication and connect, but is targeted around dangerous connections.

“The important things to be aware of on this program is that its critical for the values of Muslims, as well as a “completion of your own faith” form of service and vital to the raising and emerging demographic,” claimed Younis.


  1. About 10 % for the UK’s estimated 2.5 million Muslims become licensed utilizing the website
  2. It offers promoted over 10,000 matches triggering marriages since inception


The world marketplace for online dating is believed at $2.1 billion in 2014 by general market trends vendor IBISWorld, with an estimated CAGR of 3 per cent through 2020.

The Islamic idea of matchmaking is different basically from ‘conventional’ internet dating and Muslim requirements, in particular that from Muslim millennials, who have been unaddressed by mainstream internet sites.

The actual possibility Muslim market for Islamic using the internet matchmaking exceeded $120 million in 2014, assuming Muslims express 6 per cent of overall sector worth, in the same portion to Muslim display on the Consumer-Facing handheld industry, as outlined for the State associated with Global Islamic economic system 2015/16 document by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with DinarStandard.

Knowing the one-of-a-kind goals of Muslims, solitary Muslim have tried to convey an Islamically appropriate program for youthful Muslims to activate in order to find a good wife.


Individual Muslim have aimed at the Muslim marketplace, and appeals to Muslims as a “service for Muslims powered by Muslims”, unlike other online matchmaking facilities that, as stated in Younis, may offering a “white-label items” this is marketed to Muslims concerning various other teams, but can also commonly mean other companies which may clash making use of the worth of Muslims..

Creating testimonials across different forums has become critical to one Muslim establishing reputation concerning people. As stated in their web site, it generates at least four success stories everyday, and plainly showcases these reports in its vital marketing and advertising work.

The platform also offers an enjoyable solution to opponents which underlines the firm’s confidence with the promoting.

Younis commented, “We embrace match and reckon that it forces understanding the matrimonial business plus the requirement for they, and it is not just untypical for Muslims to make use of a few service before deciding which best suits their requirements.”

One Muslim has additionally expanded into some other industry, with U.S., Canada, the Middle eastern and Pakistan.


Solitary Muslim was adept a regarding father and mother within the bing search procedure and it has allowed them to develop kinds, getting the procedures began early in the day.

“I presume folks ought to be considerably involved in the on-line variety processes, and commence contemplating doing this a great deal early. Muslims ought to be educated at a younger get older concerning their positions and responsibilities…We promote individuals to acquire present through the start and celebrate family members participation for the lookup procedure. The Reality Is, we come across that as the improvement cities in regards to our companies.”


Solitary Muslim anticipates reliable growth in the demand for online Islamic matchmaking, underpinned by a young demographic which will need matchmaking business in approaching year. .


The leading test the platform confronted was scaling the organization, primarily around financing promotional and development campaigns.

However, despite this, the company got a powerful enterprize model and could generate finances internally without demanding important exterior investment, established Younis.

Another concern certainly is the increasing match looking for Islamic using the internet matchmaking. However, they needs to maintain their heart aggressive advantage.

“There are going to be a lot more entrants entering the business because increases and appearance, particularly as unique bucks obtainable from VC companies. Basically, we all also may discover much more famous people wanting to desired the Muslim market…However, we preserve the change, and is which we commonly trivial but promote an extremely, very serious software,” Younis claimed.

important TAKEAWAYS

Targeting the Muslim visitors group for business which require different tailoring to Islamic ideals may be viable sufficient to make vital size.

Build testimonials and market those demonstrably to prospective customers and visitors.

Track down various other critical influencers in online dating/matchmaking process together with tackle these people inside sales and goods approach.