No More Fake PUA Routines: Being Yourself

By R. Aguilar

You are here because:

(a) You want to start meeting and dating women but you are naturally shy and always felt quite uncomfortable around strangers, especially women.

(b) You’ve been through the other pages / videos on Pick Up Arts but feel ill at ease about the whole “manipulating” or “tricking” women to notice or even like you. You just want women to like you for who you are and maybe even develop meaningful relationships.

(c) You tried PUA routines, yes with some initial success, but felt like it was all an act. Sure, you easily managed to chat up quite a few attractive women, and they all willingly gave you their numbers. But man, was it tough to keep up the act and memorize all those PUA routines! Women — as they will all eventually — saw through your act. The crappy end games made you wish you didn’t try any of those fake PUA routines at all.

If you are any or all of the above, you will probably find this in-field video documentary by Johnny Berba useful, if only to see what is actually out there in the streets for an honest guy who wants to meet women and try to strike an attraction for who he simply is — no tricks, no acts, no routines.

Johnny, who is all about being authentic and honest to yourself and the girl, is a life and dating coach who has a growing YouTube fan base. He claims that 8 years ago, he couldn’t strike a conversation in a room full of strangers but all that’s change when he began to feel confident about himself and didn’t pretend to be somebody or something else he’s not.

As you will see, Johnny’ll get quite a few turn downs. But you gotta hand it to him for not being afraid to broadcast these “failures” and actually use these as take off points as life and dating lessons for his followers.

What do you think of Johnny’s approach? Is it just a number’s game, or does he actually have PUA skills? Does brute force work for you? Comment below.