9 Quick PUA Game Fixes

Summary by R Aguilar

This video is for you guys who:

  • Are new to the PUA game of pickup — haven’t spent enough time in the field but needs a quick checklist of pickup tricks, traps and pitfalls; and
  • Have been through so many rejections or failed attempts and desperately need some expert insight to where you’re going wrong with your  game.

9 Quick PUA Game Fixes by Jeff Allen, Real Social Dynamics

  1. Voice tonality and delivery. Make sure that your voice is loud enough for the girl you are trying to pickup to hear those amazing lines and stories that you want to say. Especially if you’re in a bar or nightclub, it is impossible to build attraction with a girl if she cannot hear you. Remember: Smooth flow of words using modulated voice.
  2. Smoothening out. Approaching girls can be really scary for some guys, making your body shake uncontrollably. You end up having strange body movements with your arms, legs or your face. Control it or you’ll creep the girls out, if not that, your extreme lack of confidence will show.
  3. Be more playful. Don’t be dead serious. Loosen up. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Make her laugh, make her friends laugh. This is pickup. You’re not just about to go ask her to marry you.
  4. Focus all mental energy. “Is she gonna like me?”, “ Shit, I suck.”,  “Oh f*ck, she likes that other guy.” Stop it. Just stop it. Instead, be present: silence  all that chatter in your head. Don’t think of what might and could happen.
  5. Directing the conversation. You lead and control the conversation. You’re the driver, you steer the discussion to where you want it to go. Not an easy thing to do, but it’s a must.
  6. Move things forward. Escalate things with her. Move it, man! You don’t want to spend hours talking and not showing your intentions, or not making any move to show your attraction to her.
  7. Facial expression. Don’t look like someone who just had Botox done on your face. Smile, frown, look shocked, whatever. It should depend on the energy that you are getting from the girl at the moment.
  8. Standing too far away. Approach her in a non-threatening vibe. You can be aggressive in a fun and a cool way but time it well. Get near, but don’t creep her out. Calibrate.
  9. Playing a character. Not recommended. Women can sense when you are faking it. Don’t be someone else. Be authentic.

Well, what do you think? Anything more you can add on this 9 Quick PUA Game Fixes checklist by RSD Jeffy?