Next, they attempted me on an steroid that is oral Prenisolone – which gave me immediate rest from the discomfort. But, because of the severe unwanted effects of taking it long term, we just took it for per week or two for a few relief that is respite.

It, the itchiness returned and I was put on a course of very strong immunosuppressants called azathioprine tablets, which helped to reduce the inflammation when I did stop taking. I’ve been in it for decades now but I’m clear as a bell and I also can carry on my acting profession without worrying all about these lumps.

Nevertheless, I nevertheless need certainly to simply take six pills each and every day to help keep the Prurigo that is nodular at also to stop my epidermis from getting inflamed. They could cause blood that is rare, therefore I see Dr Parslew every 90 days to own a blood test.

It, I had eczema and asthma when I was a kid, which means I’m more likely to get the condition although he has never said what caused.

I’ve been extremely fortunate that my partner Rita – I call her Saint Reet – happens to be so supportive and she makes sure that I keep my tube of steroid cream, ­Dermovate, at hand in the event of flare-ups.

The treatment I’ve gotten in the NHS happens to be first rate also to provide something right back, I launched a brand new ­dermatology device at Liverpool’s Alder Hey’s Children’s Hospital year that is last.

I love to do just as much when I can for charity and also been associated with the National Lottery Good Causes where I paid a call towards the Gartnavel Chapel Cancer Support Centre in Glasgow.

Fulfilling the cancer victims there clearly was a experience that is truly inspiring their resilience and optimism astonished me. I’ve never had any cancer tumors scares, but used to do lose my Dad to cancer as he had been 55.

The sole other major thing to happen to me personally ended up being having my quadruple heart bypass in 2007. We have never also smoked but I experienced to possess open-heart surgery. It was pretty scary, but We have never checked straight back.

Earlier in the day this season, I experienced cataract surgery to my left eye and I’m having my right attention done after Christmas time as a result of work commitments. When you are getting to 70, bits do off start dropping.

Recently, I switched 74 and Rita asked me personally the thing I wanted for my birthday but I don’t want anything. I’ve exactly what I need – my health insurance and my lovely relatives and buddies.

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What exactly is Nodular Prurigo?

This incurable condition of the skin primarily occurs in grownups aged 20-60 and it is characterised by very itchy hard lumps and it’s also still as yet not known why they come in the beginning.

Dermatology consultant Dr Richard Parslew from Broadgreen Hospital claims: “The almost all my clients have actually a personal or genealogy of dermatitis, asthma or hay fever and Ricky did have eczema that is bad a child, which may explain why it has flared up.

“Each nodule is a strong lump, 2-3mm in diameter, frequently with an elevated warty surface. The lumps that are hard frequently grouped and many but can vary greatly in quantity from 2-200. Ricky had nearer into the latter, which will be a whole lot.

“The irritation can be extremely intense while the victim might find yourself scraping their epidermis all day and hours nevertheless the smartest thing him taking azathioprine to reduce the inflammation for him was to undergo a systemic treatment, which involved.

“It is a potent immunosuppressant that suppresses any swelling additionally the drugs is going to be recommended to him provided that necessary. But ideally over time, the ferocity of this infection will reduce permitting a reduction in therapy.”