“It takes seven hours from meeting a girl to having a sexual relationship.” This is the premise of the first segment of the video Mystery PUA Body Language. Achieving that takes three stages: Attraction, where you raise your value and make yourself desirable; Comfort, where you build trust and rapport between you and the woman; and Mutual Seduction, where you both seduce each other to reach what is hopefully the inevitable “let’s get out of here”.

The first stage, Attraction, is all about building your value to the woman, catching her interest, and keeping it. From the first step of approaching, it must be done right so as not to put her off. Approaching head-on makes a woman feel threatened and is a huge no-no. Circling her however, called “Approaching horses”, or standing beside her and looking over your shoulder is an effective, non-threatening method.

Girls are also hard-wired to prefer men who have been “pre-selected” or have established a connection with others. This shows the girls that that guy is desirable, and makes her feel the same. Having friends, especially female friends around you is a great technique for this.

Once you’re in her proximity and have established a connection, more techniques are used to keep her interest, build up attraction, and raise her comfort levels with you. This includes moves such as locking in your position, leaning back and drawing in the interest instead of blatantly giving it, showing her you can walk away, and the Neg Theory, which works by antagonizing a girl to make her “want the forbidden fruit”, which is you.

The video also discusses Indicators of Interest and Indicators of Disinterest, which are all subtle cues you can use to gauge how well you’re progressing with the girl. You can then use these to determine the next moves you’re going to employ to get to the next stage, which is Comfort.