Mistakes Men Make When Picking Girls Up At Clubs

By Rocky

When you get rejected by girls you try to pick up at clubs, how do you react? Are you the kind of guy who quickly recovers and move on to other girls, or do you sulk and take it as a personal insult?

Well, here’s Marni, the Wing Girl, with another one of her practical insights on some fairly common mistakes men make when picking up girls at clubs. This time, though, to drive some fine points in the do’s and dont’s in the art of pickup, she interviews her friend, Carla from Equador who’s had, judging by her story, an awful experience with a guy who tried but terribly failed to make a good first impression on them the last time they were out clubbing.

Here are the key messages in this video:

  • Don’t be a baby and sulk about a girl rejecting you at a club. If you sulk, you don’t really value yourself and you put way too much on this complete stranger.
  • Don’t just approach one woman in a single route. Look around, you’ll find that there are so many more ‘fish in the ocean’ waiting for you to catch them.
  • Connect / build rapport with a woman first before asking to dance or go to other places with her. With all the bad dating experiences of that women often hear or talk about, you must understand that there are barriers that must be knocked down first before you can make her want to do things with you.

Watched the video yet? Well, what do you think? Was Carla just overreacting or was that guy a real jerk who knows and cares nothing about women and what they want?