Master Daygame And Happiness

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

When a man meets an attractive woman in the streets, he may be nervous to approach her. To be able to do this the man has to be in the moment. This is the feeling experienced when you are doing something you have a passion for, such as climbing mountains or running a business. The man needs flow. This is a state of the mind in which a person performing an activity is totally engrossed in energy and is fully involved. You can achieve this by doing something you are good at. Examples of people with flow are musicians, teachers, artists and writers.


Approaching a girl brings feelings of worry and anxiety. Get rid of this by going out a lot and approaching girls in the streets. When you are present, you then reach the flow state. Flow is attractive to a woman. Work to achieve happiness. Something may bring you pain but eventually lead to happiness. For example, you may go to a gym and initially find it stressing, but eventually achieve results.

The Rules Of Daygame

1. Have clear goals. Your challenges and skills should be high.

2. Set high goals and define them.

3. Men are easily distracted so you should try to concentrate when talking to the woman.

4. When you are in the presence of the woman, you lose track of time.

5. Ensure you get immediate feedback on her response to you. You can tell by her reaction, for instance if she laughs at something you have said, it shows she thinks you are funny.

6. There should be a balance between the level of ability and challenge. It should not be too easy or too hard.

7. Be genuine and direct.

8. Have control of the actions you take. 

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