Ukrainian born sexologist Elena is no stranger to readers of Ultimate Man Magazine.  In past columns she’s openly endorsed European born women as extremely compatible to the traditional male and more recently discussed a variety of natural scents men can use to attract women.

When Elena moved to the United States three years ago, she was a bit perplexed at the thousands upon thousands of PUA courses and coaches for men orbiting the American internet.  She had no idea the majority of the coaching was being disproportional focused for the American male, yet little for the female.   

She was surprised because back in her native country, the tables are turned.  “In Ukraine it is the women who flock to coaches like me and websites to improve their skills for attracting men and keeping them satisfied in bed”, remarks Elena.  Yes, you read correctly.  The women of Ukraine are in constant pursuit for educational material guiding them how best to please men sexually and keep relationships going, not the other way around.

She states one of the main reasons is the country’s imbalanced population where women outnumber men 10 to 9.  That might not seem like much but in Ukraine it means there are 4 to 6 million more single women than men.  For comparison in America the gender population is more evenly aligned at nearly a 50-50 ratio.

In America Elena theories that if there were just one more woman for every ten already here, things would be very different.  American women would care much more about their appearance, dress fashionably at all times (even just to go to the local Walmart), wouldn’t nearly dismiss the same amount of men who’d approach her over a life time, be more sexually liberated and would have less control over their inherent power of selection.  Because the shoe would be on the other foot, just like in Ukraine, making it difficult for all women to find a quality boyfriend or husband.   

Three years in, Elena is keenly aware of the reasons and causes for the demise of the American dating scene, fall of tradition family structure, unnatural pursuit for social gender equality and disconnect that has been politically and socially established between the sexes.  “It’s a great pity and seems so unnecessary”. 

She plans in time to address these specific challenges to support the American man agreeing the men are not the ones at fault here. They are merely a victim of circumstance. 

With that said, today Elena will focus our attention on something she calls Foreplay Massage. 

The art of Foreplay Massage has nothing to do with relationships operating inside a so called civil social society, but has everything to do with the sexual beings that exist inside all of us.  And therefore they are raw, animalistic rituals necessary for greater sexual satisfaction and lifelong happiness.  Sex, along with love, are ultimately the two underlying forces that hold men and women together.  So it’s important to understand how to get the biggest bang from your sex.  Granted, it is worth mentioning that a byproduct of a man’s sexual proficiency will actually automatically raise his social value in that civil social society anyway.

So, what is Foreplay Massage? First, we need to define it and understand its objective.  Foreplay Massage is a pre-intercourse ritual which prepares the female body for sex and thus results in greater overall satisfaction for her, and in turn the man.  

Now, the golden rule is this:  the man must fully focus his attention, passion and energy completely on the woman, her body, mind and comfort.  He should not be thinking about potential pleasures he may experience later in the session (even though he certainly will receive such).  He needs not to rush through the motions and to spend an appropriate amount of time ‘giving’.  

Foreplay Massage is different from massage.  Massage, in the traditional sense, is more about relaxation, muscle relief and eliminating stress.  Now don’t get me wrong these are important factors to consider, especially if your lady is joining you after a long day of stress and physical fatigue.  It may be necessary to addresses that as step one, but today we’ll just focus on the sexual and erotic mechanics.

Start with her lying face down on her stomach.  This is important because it avoids eye contact (something I will elaborate on in the video tutorial).  And you should start the massage on her legs, not her back.  Massage her back first only if you need to combat the stresses of her long day – and then proceed to her legs.

Target her legs and buttocks.  Trust me, women love to have their legs massaged.  Always rub your hands up her legs which pushes blood towards her intimate area.  The more blood that reaches her vaginal region the better.   The collection of blood raises temperature here slightly, increases sensitivity, induces lubrication and promotes sexual awareness.

Her butt cheeks are very sensitive areas too, in part because of their close proximity to the vaginal opening.  When pushing your hands up her legs, forcing blood to the vagina, proceed to grasp both butt cheeks and slightly separate them on the final follow through.  (This move is a lot of fun for men, by the way)  This stimulates the vaginal opening and raises her sexual awareness each time.   After several full strokes of near vagina misses she will soon become impatient and either mentally or verbally plead for you to finally penetrate her.

As a final tip, to enhance the overall experience, set the mood properly with burning candles and use a natural massage oil.  Any natural oil will work nicely but I recommend my own personal, handmade line called Cupid’s Secret Potion.  It has ingredients that will help warm her body, blood, stimulate nerve cells and create a sense of euphoria in the brain through smell.  I encourage you to read the packaging for the kinds of sex session it can bring about.  But please avoid using some slippery synthetic jelly from the adult discount store that will do nothing to affect her physiology.  

By the way, men do not realize how rough their hands feel to a women’s soft, smooth skin.  To them it can feel like you’re wearing sand paper gloves.  Especially men who work with their hands or have active, sporty lives.  So remember for best results get your hands oily.

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