Be Out of Her League! Boyfriend vs. Player

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

Women classify men in two categories – they are either boyfriend material or a player. A woman may look for a man to help her raise the kids or she may look for a man to get the best genes. This is not the same thing. A man may have good genes, but has many options and is not willing to stick around. The man who has the willingness to stick around may do this because he does not have other sexual options.

Dealing with Women.

Convince her that you are out of her league and that she can stick with you. As a man, strive to succeed but do it for yourself and not to impress a woman. Do not go to the gym to work to so as to have a great body to attract a woman. Do it because you want to feel good about yourself, stay healthy and live a long life.

A woman may sleep with you even if she does not know you well. When she starts knowing you and realizes you are boyfriend material and what she may be looking for, she starts indicating she wants to get serious.

This is the time she wants you to exchange phone numbers and start dating. This is like you are being punished for being good! You may then find it hard to sleep with her again.

So, keep away from boyfriend category by mentioning your achievements and trying to give her reasons to sleep with you. If you present a perfect resume, the girl may date you like four times before sleeping with you, but will flirt with other men.

 If a woman asks personal questions you do not want to answer, brush them off humorously. Let her get to know you. When a woman sleeps with you then later discovers she is starting to like you, this is very rewarding for the man.

Do not try to impress her. Work on your personality and let her get to know you over time.