(Photo courtesy of JD Hancock, CC)

A Politically Incorrect Guide to Intimate Relationships

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

Here’s a rather interesting, politically incorrect guide to intimate relationships. As always, we did a quick summary of the video’s content, but it’s worth watching the whole thing. Enjoy!


1 You need to be in a relationship to know what is involved. You cannot rely on what other people tell you. When in a relationship, you will require to make decisions and mistakes will happen sometimes. Situations will be different and you cannot anticipate what to expect.

2 Most men just focus on how to get the girl but do not know what to do with her after this as the goal was just to fuck her. Marriage and kids happen, which inevitably leads to family breakup as this was not in your plans.

3 A relationship is the second most important investment in your life next to your life and education. When you treat a relationship like an investment you expect no less than the best since you have put in time, effort and energy.

4 A relationship is like a psychological mirror as this is where you project your unresolved issues and undeveloped needs subconsciously. This is reflected by whom you date and how you resolve problems in the relationship when they arise.

5 When you are in an intimate relationship, your qualities as a person are reflected such as how you relate with people, whether you are selfish and whether you can show empathy.

6 Date a lot to polish your skills and use them appropriately. Work to improve on the skills and learn what to do in future to avoid mistakes.

7 When you learn basic relationship skills, you are able to avoid the breakdown of family leading to separation. This happens when self esteem and self respect are destroyed.

8 An intimate relationship is more than just sex. It’s having someone you can share the highs and lows of your life. This is a person you can reveal your pain or weakness to. Having a person to be there for you emotionally is very satisfying.

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