Improv vs. Structured Game Styles

By R. Aguilar

They say that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

While the proverbial saying sounds rather gruesome, there isn’t anything truer when it comes to the game of picking up and attracting women.

Have you noticed how there now seem to be so many different theories and formulas to get your game going, each proclaiming to be more potent than the next?

Actually, when it comes to the approach and opening in the game, there really are just two ways: you either go improv or you use a more structured game style.

There are those who are naturally charming, who never seem to run out of fresh ideas and who always know the right things to say at the right time. They see a hot girl they like, they approach the girl and they can instantly get the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, there are those who are more at ease and get themselves into the beat by using smooth openers, lines or stories that they use over and over again to different women but creates more or less the same effect — they too can run a great pickup. 

So both game styles — improv and structured can get you the results you want with women. But which is better?

In this short video, RSD guys Jeffy, then later Tyler, discusses their varying gaming styles that is deeply rooted on their different personalities. Jeffy is a structured kind of player while Tyler is more into improv or free flowing in his approach and game style with women. Despite the difference, both are equally successful in attracting women and in coaching others. RSD, which stands for Real Social Dynamics is an eclectic bunch of dating coaches, all quite famous in their own rights, combining both inner and outer game strategies.

How about you, what’s your game style? How do you skin your proverbial cat?