How to text a girl – the inside scoop on texting

by Rochelle Aguilar

So you got the girl’s number, and she seemed quite keen! Woo-hoo, good for you! But now what?

You go and think, “It’s just texting! Just how hard can it be?”

While texting a girl you met and you think you had a special interaction with may sound simple enough, we all know that getting a girl’s number is not a ticket to an actual date. Yes, it is frustrating: The girl does not always text back. No reply. No date.

There are tons of reasons why this is so. Perhaps you didn’t pique her interest after all? She’s already dating somebody else? She’s not in the mood? She’s too busy to text? Whatever her reason/s are for not texting you back, wouldn’t it be better if you’re armed with at least some of the most basic phone game ideas on how to not blow your chance of sealing the dating deal with the girl?

What do girls like and don’t like to read on your text messages? What are some of the biggest mistakes most make make when they text the girl for the first time? What is just the right amount of sweetness for the first few texts? What will increase the chances of the girl texting you back?

Watch and learn from this short video made by the ever gorgeous Kezia Noble – UK’s leading female dating expert for men – as she dishes out a tip or two, in fact, 3 tips to on How to Text a Girl and turn her mobile number into an actual date. As always, Kezia gives insight on what’s going on the female mind about something as simple as texting. Don’t be surprised that a pretty harmless smiley could turn a girl flaky.