How To Text A Girl You Like

By R. Aguilar

The first time you text a girl you like isn’t anything like your favorite computer game where you may have an unlimited number of chances to achieve your goal. In fact, in other games, you can simply press “Restart” and redo everything all over again and do better, avoiding the wrong moves or traps along the way.

In texting a girl that you like, you only get one “life”, so to speak. If you blow the first time, then you can just forget it. You may try to revive that “life” of course, or do major damage control, but then that would be so much more of a hard work than doing it right the first time, yes?

You know it’s game over (sadly even before it really started) when after you send that very first text message and your phone goes eerily quiet. You check every 2 minutes. Nothing. Finally, it beeps, but it’s just your mother asking if you’ve eaten.

In this short and very simple instructional video presentation by Frankie Cola of, he shares five funny examples and some advice on how to catch a girl’s attention through text. The video is so short it may have even taken you longer to read this article up to this point. So if you want to improve your text game and needs some tips on how to text a girl you want to go out with, check out the video.

FYI, is a handy site that gives tons of free tips if you’re just starting out in dating phone game and text game. It has First Text Tips, Texts that Make Her Smile, How to Flirt, even Sexting Examples.

Do you run a better phone game? Care to share your text tips? Drop us a line below.