How To Steal A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend

By R. Aguilar

You’re sitting at a coffee shop al fresco, checking your emails on your phone while drinking your espresso, and basically just minding your own business. Then you look up for a second but see this breathtaking girl her walking by, almost coming near you. Having caught you staring at her, you gave her your sweetest smile, and oh yes, she smiles back and was that a wink? But as you are about to stand and make your move, she goes right inside the shop. Oh, so sweet, so pretty… but wait, who the hell is that guy? Damn, a boyfriend.
In this 8-minute free training video, founder of international pick-up arts company – PUA Training, Richard LaRuina will show you that while a girl having a boyfriend may be a tad trickier to pick-up than single, unattached women, it’s achievable. He cautions though, that there actually exist a tiny percentage of women who are absolutely, crazy in-love with their boyfriends and just wouldn’t give you their time of day. On the other hand, there is a host of women who have boyfriends just because they don’t like being single but aren’t really into their boyfriends. You meet a lot of these girls regularly — in a bar, a friend’s friend, at a party. This training video is for that kind of situation.
Learn as LaRuina, Britain’s renowned pick-up artist gives you tips on how to pick-up and actually date girls who are not 100 percent single. Notice how he has this natural, honest style in going about it, certainly a far cry from those slapdash scripted lines and worn out pick-up routines, formulas bound for failure. Needless to say, though, as this feat is no simple one, you would need more than your usual dose of pick-up fun and creative charm.

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