How To Start Your Ultimate Man Journey

By Andy Pope

The amount of great free and premium information on how to become an ultimate man and pick-up artist (PUA) is just overwhelming. On our website alone, we feature several thousands of hours of free audio and video content from some of the best PUA’s, fitness, investing and self-improvement gurus from around the world. So where to start? How can you hit the ground running and become a faster, stronger, more confident and overall better man in no time?

Overview Of The Ultimate Man Magazine Website

This website is structured into 5 sections:

  1. The Ultimate Man section is all about making you a better man, and covers everything you need to become more confident, dress and feel better, enhance your charisma, etc. 
  2. One armed with that, you are then ready for the Pick-up Arts section, which covers everything you need to actually go out there and start attracting and seducing women. It covers different PUA strategies all the way down to some actual practical techniques you can use out there in the real-world today. Things like pick-up lines and openers you can use, sexual escalation kino techniques, IOI, DHV, and other hands-on techniques that PUA’s have used successfully to attract women. 
  3. Now, once you have a girl’s phone number, how do you get her to say yes to the first date? Where should you take her on your first date? How do you move in for the kiss or more? That’s what the Dating section is all about. Here you find some great advice from PUA’s from around the world, from mastering phone game all the way to overcoming LMR (= last-minute resistance) in the bedroom.
  4. Then once you are in a relationship with the woman of your dreams, how do you keep the relationship exciting and alive? The Relationship section tries to cover some of the most interesting advice we found out there on the web.
  5. Last but not least, there there’s The Best Courses section where we list a select few audio, video and life seminar courses that we found useful. The courses are ideal for people who want a more structured approach to everything you find on this website – from start-to-finish. The content on this website provides merely a high-level overview and examples of the good stuff that is out there. But if you want to do a proper deep-dive into an area and perfect your craft, you may want to consider actually investing in one of the courses to get a proper education into all things an Ultimate Man needs. The free content on this site is awesome, but just imagine how much more comprehensive the premium stuff is. 

Quick Start

  1. Scan: I would suggest that you check out one video in each section to get an overview of the topic. That will give you a feel for what the topic is about and whether or not it is an area in your life that you need to work on. 
  2. Think: Once you have a feel for the areas you need to work on, put together a plan of action, so you know what and when to work on an area in your life. Put together a strategy and plan. If you need help with figuring out a plan of action, check out our course the “Zen Secrets of Dating” at or take one of the many fine RSD weekend bootcamps that you can find in our The Best Courses section.
  3. Deep-dive: Then once you identified an area of weakness, consistently spend an hour each day to learn about an area in depth. Key is to be consistent.
  4. Apply: After you have consumed all theory here, you need to go out there and apply it. Read Mark Manson’s excellent article to get your juices going: 20% of success is knowing what and how to improve, but 80% is actually going out there and applying that knowledge in the field. The first question any PUA will ask you is “Do you even approach?” If you don’t approach, you can’t get better. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Reflect: Albert Einstein once said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result”. Reflection is going back to step #2 and thinking through your strategy again once you have real-life feedback from the field that tells you what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that it’s a journey – not a destination. 

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