How to Pick Up Women in Supermarkets – Daygame

Summary by Rochelle Aguilar

So the “sure shot” tips your best pal gave you on how to pick up women in bars isn’t quite working out as planned. There are just too many blokes in most bars and clubs these days, who, like you, are obviously there for the hunt and have their best game on. You then decide to give this daygame dating design a try to see if it actually works, and better yet, if it will work for you.

For the uninitiated, daygaming is simply applying proven strategies and ideas on how to meet and attract women during the day, outside of the bars and clubs setting. It could be just a girl walking across the street, in a bookstore, a coffee shop queue, malls, or even the office next door from yours. Just about anywhere.

What may be most tricky for most men is that very first part of capturing women’s attention (they all appear to look so damn busy and preoccupied all the time) without appearing like a crazy person who means to do them harm – and getting them comfortable and interested enough to entrust their name, phone number and agrees to go on a date.

In this short video clip — an episode of Daygame Anywhere, Bootcamp Instructor and expert daygamer John Matrix gives us realistic advice on How to Pick Up Women in Supermarkets. See John, with his trademark relaxed style, demonstrates how he almost effortlessly manages to make the sweet Estonian woman feel at once comfortable talking with him by building up familiarity, and, in a matter of less than 5 minutes, gets her name, mobile number and a promise of what can be an exciting first date with her. 

What do you think of his approach? What are your best daygame techniques? Share your stories and thoughts below.