How to Meet a Victoria’s Secret Model

By Andy Pope

Like attracts like. Just put yourself into the shoes of a Victoria’s Secret model, and retrace her steps from the time she wakes up in the morning until she goes back to bed. How does a Victoria’s Secret model spend her day? Where would she live? Who would she befriend?

First off, you have to live in the same cities where a Victoria’s Secret model lives. London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Miami are typical hot spots for where you can run into a Victoria’s Secret model. They wouldn’t live in Cleveland, Darmstadt or Manchester, would they now? The reason is that the girls gotta find modeling work on those big cities are where the action is at.

Second, there is one exception to the rule. You can try to catch them before they are discovered and become Victoria’s Secret model. Florianópolis in the Southern part of Brazil is where many of today’s Victoria’s Secret models – including Giselle Buendchen came from. Not easy to reach as you would have to catch a flight via Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paolo to get there, but to meet a future Victoria’s Secret model before she becomes rich and famous…and picky when it comes to male company. 

Third, spend the daytime where she would spend her daytime. What would a typical model do? They generally live healthy to maintain their energy, body and spirit. So they would wake up early and head to either to the gym, Yoga or Pilates studio first thing in the morning. Though if she had a late evening the night before, then you might encounter her in a late morning or mid-day class. For example, Steve Ross’ Maha Yoga in Brentwood and also Yogaworks in LA’s mid-day classes are usually packed with beautiful creatures – not just Victoria’s Secret models, but also actresses and musicians. After all, us regular mortals have to work mid-day, so we won’t pester these beautiful beings while they are at their most vulnerable. But then again, it’s the best place for us to meet them. By escaping work during our lunch breaks, we get to pretend to be part of the in-crowd and mingle with celebrities when regular humans wouldn’t know to meet them without makeup.

Next up is the juice bar or coffee shop where they would head for a quick break after.  Oh well, can’t have it all. Next up is shopping, of course, though it might be to restock her refrigerator with veggies, juices and vitamins, which she would get at the local organic supermarket, that is the equivalent of Whole Foods or Wild Oats, etc.

Early afternoon it’s time to meet with photographers or her agent. Either to interview for an upcoming shoot or prepare for one. Then lunch at one of the trendy cool new restaurants. Though models are said to eat relatively little. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Short break after work before she gets ready and heads out to one of the many evening events happening in any large city. A bit more challenging to meet them as they would most likely sit in the VIP sections of any trendy bar or club, or attend private events like the launch of a new brand. So unless you’re invited and part of that crowd, you might struggle to get in. Time to get my press pass. 😉

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