How To Approach Women In Bars

Summary by Christian Amsterdan

When you try to approach women in bars for the first time, the initial reaction you get from the woman you approached will tell you whether or not she is interested, neutral or disinterested. You may do some things like holding her hand to gauge her reaction. This is called screening or qualification. You’re trying to figure out whether or not she is interested in you.

You walk up to her and while making conversation, you grab her hand. If she is available and attracted to you, she will let you hold her hand. If she takes her hand back but continues to stand there, she may be neutral or disinterested.

Different Scenarios & Reactions To Approaching Women In Bars

In this video, you see our PUA approach different women at different bars and engages with them physically to gauge their interest: 

Scene 1

He walks up to three girls in a bar. He does not make eye contact, just introduces himself making conversation, asking them how their night is. He grabs one girl’s hand and continues holding it while still talking.

He suggests they walk outside as the bar is noisy and they do so. He is still holding her hand. He continues the conversation and she pulls back her hand. He asks her what she does, etc, and then tries to kiss her.

She pulls away and he keeps talking and takes her hand again. She takes it back, he tries to kiss her again but she leans away. They say goodnight and both walk off.

Result – This approach didn’t work.

Scene 2

He walks into a bar, spots a girl, makes eye contact and smiles. He approaches and tells her she’s cute. He grabs her hand, holds it and walks outside with her. He makes small talk, compliments her and tells her she is sexy.

Still holding her hand, he continues the conversation then kisses her. She responds. She says she needs to go back inside as it’s her friend’s birthday and declines when he suggests a walk. They kiss again and hug.

He asks for her number and she gives it to him.

Result – Candidate for later.

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