How Improv Comedy Improved My Game

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Key tips from the video on how improv comedy could improve your game, and make it easier to entertain a woman you are trying to seduce:

  • Girls appreciate men who don’t take themselves too seriously. They appear to not pose a threat.
  • Enjoy the music; when you enter a pub, you find music playing, whether there are people or not. The music just keeps playing.
  • Eventually, people come in and at some point may start dancing to it, having lots of fun. This means the music affects them. However, the music is not affected by the people and plays on whether people are paying attention or not.
  • This concept should apply to how you relate to women. Be genuine and talk about what you want. Not everyone is going to have chemistry with you, but this is okay.
  • The words ‘no’ and ‘but’ normally kill conversation. Replace them with ‘yes’ or ‘and’. For example, when in a club you may comment to her that the club is cool, then you keep quiet not offering more. The girl will find it difficult to respond to this.
  • It would be better to say something like, ‘This club is nice and I am enjoying the relaxation because I had a long day at work.’ This kind of comment will open up a conversation. You are entitled to opinions and you should make sure you express yourself and offer conversation. This is the duty of the alpha male.
  • Avoid needless conflict and offer new information. Instead of making a response like, ‘that is a dumb thing to say’, make a remark like ‘I disagree with this because….’.
  • If you receive constant rejection from women, do not give up, but be persistent.