An oval “bubble” form of glutes and a heart-shaped bum is a pretty common goal for many women.

Yet, we’re born with different genetics for glutes that determine what form of glutes you have.

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There are at least 4 most well-known butt forms, which are round, heart of square, inverted V-shaped.

A booty with a V-shape is not as large It’s this lack of size and shape which makes a lot of people unhappy. It’s more prevalent in overweight women and older women because they lose muscle. The the distribution of fat shifts from the hips and abdomen.

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If you are reading this then you may have a V-shaped stomach, which is why we’ll look into how we can transform your V-shaped tummy into a rounded, peachier set of glutes.

What we must do is create more mass in the body and we accomplish that by using a v-shaped glute shape to train on the gluteus maximalis and taking in a large amount of nutritious food.Read more At website Articles

Glute Building Nutrition

It’s not worth looking at the exercises that strengthen and shape glutes when we don’t first address your nutrition first.

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We need protein and calories to build up those glute muscles which is why to transform your flat glutes that look like vs. glutes we should eat.

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Your primary goal

It is essential to spend at least a few hours in a surplus by following a high protein diet to increase your glutes.

I recommend working out your glutes at least 3-4 times per week for a minimum of 3 months in order to notice any changes in the shape of your glutes and size. But , honestly it can require years (not just a few days) of steady work and effort.

Keep in mind that if you do not eat you’ll not get bigger and your shape for your glutes will not change. The key is to increase your training in order to increase your. I would recommend reading this article about Progressive Overload and why it’s crucial to booty growth.

This isn’t the ideal time to be focused on losing weight, this is about the process of growing. The shape of your stomach will change significantly more if you do your best to focus on growth and not shrinking. If weight loss is important the process will be completed after.

Lift weights,

Stay heavy,

Enhance your strength levels (remember the idea of overloading in stages).

Cardio does not strengthen your glutes. Stop doing back kicks on your stairmaster and stairmaster! !

Exercises For V Shaped Glutes

To develop your glutes you must train the entire glute muscle from every angle but with V-shaped glutes we want more focus on the gluteus maximus – the biggest one!

Your Go To lifts will always be your priority, regardless of what style you’d like your glutes look like. These are your bread and butter.

Hip Thrusts – Barbell, banded to elevate the foot machine, single leg.

Glute Bridges – Kas Glute Bridge, Barbell, banded, single leg.

Deadlifts – Sumo, Conventional Romanian.

Squats in the following order: Back, Front, Sumo, Goblet, Split.

Lunges – Static, Deficit, Walking.

Abductions – Machine, Fire hydrants, Cable, German etc.

Exercises to improve the Glute Max

A strong gluteus max gives the glutes size and bulk. It also offers relief from back pain because it helps balance the forces that come from the front of the hips and the abs. Therefore, exercises that build them are crucial to regular health and pain-free existence, not just for the appearance of a round bum.

The gluteus muscle is the largest muscle mass in the human body and makes the majority of what you consider your bum, so it can take some serious training amount and intensity.

To increase the size of your glutes the exercises must target all of the major leg and glute muscles . This is done through full range of motion and movements.

Straight out of the box you need to be able to

Barbell Hip Thrusts

They’re a vital part of any good glute workout program , but they are particularly important for those with v-shaped butts who want to increase their size. The hip thrust and its variations are the reason behind all those big, juicy booties you see all the time through social networks.

This is not the time to be timid, get comfortable with a huge barbell, and some heavy weights. my client Emily has managed a 200kg hip thrust in 2020.

I suggest using different rep ranges as well as tempos on hip thrusts for maximum growth potential.

If for instance you train glutes 3x per week, then I would suggest doing the following.

Monday – Low reps/Heavy Weight e.g. 5 Sets of 4 to 6 reps.

Wednesday – Light Weight/ High Reps e.g. Four sets of 15-20 reps.

Friday – Moderate Weight/ Moderate Exercises that include Pauses e.g. 3-5 sets of 10-12 Reps with 2-5 Second pauses like in the video.

Kas Glute Bridge

They’re still a favorite for my clients, yet it’s hardly the most well-known exercise (but it’s increasing in popularity). This Kas Glute Bridge uses a tiny range of movement and a slow, controlled tempo that focuses on only the highest End-of-range glute contractions, with minimal or no hamstrings or quads involved.

Make sure to give this a try! !


The king/queen of all strength moves , it is a must for growing legs and glutes. The three major muscles involved in the deadlift are located in the lower back, the hip and knees. They include the quadriceps muscles, the hamstrings. And of course the gluteus maximus.

Deadlifts can be a challenge to master and are prone to ego lifting and terrible form (see the other guys in you gym ) If in doubt keep it in check by lifting at a the load lower or employ an individual trainer.