Get in the Zone to Pick Up Women

by Viktor Austria

There is a secret to how guys can psych themselves up and get in the zone to do the high-risk approach and pick up girls more effectively and consistently.

This approach involves a high risk of failure, but if you do it right and you do it with confidence, you will almost always get the girl’s attention and awaken her interest in you, and the risk will be worth it. The law of state interference tells us that whatever you are feeling at the moment, women will feel that right off of you. So, if you are confident with your approach, then women will most likely be confident about you too. If you still approach women with the same modest low-risk approach, then women will surely feel that same modest about you too and will not want to go out with you.

Instead, you should come straight at them, command them to stop and sit or stay in place, and voila, their focus is now entirely on you. If you do it with just the right amount of force and assertion, the girl will be more interested as to what your intentions are and will most probably stay around and stay tuned in for what your next move might be. Do it too forcefully and you end up looking like a harasser; do it too shyly and the girl won’t be that much interested anymore.

Rookies might question if this is really effective and if it does not scare off women as most first timers may expect. This is where the secret comes in: just do it. Do the approach for the first time, and the momentum you gain from it will be enough for you to do it a second time, a third, and so on. You will be surprised as to how successful the approach is if you are convinced that you have actually done the approach. Make that your sole criteria for success, and you’re good. Don’t overvalue yourself with your first success and think you own the game already. If you do, you will risk getting your state too high, thus settling for a too low a performance, causing you to get obliterated for that night.