Get A Girl’s Phone Number

By Rocky

Are you into prank videos? Yeah? Well you must have already seen this one by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy — no, I can’t pronounce it either so let’s just call him VitalyZd. He is a Russian – American who is now very famous in YouTube. To date, his channel, VitalyzdTv, has more or less 8 million subscribers and his videos were viewed more than 839 million times. He is so popular that he even has a second YouTube channel called VitalyzdTvSecond with subscribers and viewers also running in their millions. Amazing, huh?

Now on this dude’s channel, he’s got this playlist of about 11 videos on How To Pick Up Girls, showing the world just how easy it is to approach, hit it off and get the girls phone numbers. He’s not really a pickup artist, no, no he’s not. In fact, he calls himself nothing more than “A Russian Dude with a Camera and Some Wonderful Ideas”. But you gotta admit it, this guy’s a natural and got some game going in his videos. Aspiring pickup artists and especially guys who suffer from approach anxiety can learn a few tricks from him.

For one, check out this video. Yes, it’s a prank and he even wrote 25% of the girls he approached rejected him. May have been a lot more. But still, for an approach that direct, it’s pretty spectacular how he number closed those girls. Fine, suppose those numbers turned out to be flakey, but that’s not really the point of this video now, is it? 

Okay, so how exactly did he pull off Put Your Number In My Phone? 

Well, he looked good, that’s one. He is not exactly a Brad Pitt but he acts like one. His body language exuded self-confidence, that’s two. He was authentic, generous with his compliments,  used self-amusement and he was funny. Also, he was assertive but not creepy aggressive. You will notice these attributes in his other videos, so you might want to check those out too.

Vitaly wrote in this video’s description that he hoped it will “teach guys not to care too much and be straightforward.” You know what? Even if only 500 guys (surely there’s more) of the 11 million viewers of this video became more confident after watching it, that’s already something, isn’t it?