The Fundamentals of Direct Game

By Rocky Aguilar

Sasha Daygame!

He’s fun, he’s cool. He doesn’t believe in girl rejection. For him, it just doesn’t exist. His attitude:  “If I give a girl the chance to spend time with me and she rejects it, I feel sorry for her.”

Sasha is all about direct game and for some very good reasons. He believes that by being authentic and honest with your intentions when you approach and meet girls, you save time and energy, you get more action and you end up dating the girls you like and likes you back for who you are and not someone else you pretended to be.

This 21Convention video covers the fundamentals of direct game. Some of it are listed down below. But you really must watch the video to internalize it and as Sasha is a damn good speaker, you’re lucky to watch him talk for free.

So, here it is folks, The Core Mindsets of a Direct Gamers by Sasha Daygame:

  1. Not giving genuine compliments to women is rude. It’s insulting to them. “You’re beautiful.” “You look sexy”. It only takes 3 seconds to do it.
  2. Start living authentically and loving making women’s day. If you are not approaching girls, it’s not natural. You’re a man. Making women feel good not only in the bedroom — get addicted to this. Women will love you for it.
  3. Beautiful women are easier. Some guys go for average looking women but beautiful women are more approachable. Not so beautiful girls are harder to approach, they’ve had it harder in life. They are angry with the world.
  4. Going for what you want is sexy and makes you a boss. For women it’s super attractive when men goes for what they want. Get into her head that you really are going for her, she’s really gonna like it. Makes you a boss.
  5. There is no such thing as rejection. Attitude: I love myself and I don’t care what people think. You ask 50 girls to hook up with you and they refuse, it’s cool. They don’t have what you want.
  6. You’re competing with just 3% of guys. In every job you can imagine, most people just suck, or just mediocre. Very few people are actually good with what they do. Most people are lazy. By making this effort to learn and master the game, you’re already in the 3%.