9 Simple But Very Effective First Date Tips For Men

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

We love the Gambler’s PUA tips. Richard is usually spot and shares super-practical tactical tips that you can implement immediately. Here are the first date tips for men he shares in this cool video:

1. Get her contacts then find out when she is free. Set the time, date and place of meeting to avoid sending follow up messages later which may go unanswered.

2. To make a daytime date interesting, instead of going to the coffee shop, take a walk. Make interesting conversation by asking her if she likes travelling and about her childhood.

3. In the first few seconds of meeting her, compliment her on her appearance and kiss her on the cheek. Lead her by hand or touch the small of her back.

4. Select a place which is interesting, with live music and good wine. Visit the place beforehand to check whether the seats are comfortable and the music is not too loud.

5. Sitting side by side is more comfortable instead of directly from each other as she may feel nervous if you look at her when seated opposite her.

6. Be relaxed, look around the room and if your phone rings, excuse yourself and answer it. Your relaxed manner will make her relax as well.

7. Get to know her better and at the same time connect with her. Make her laugh and at times just stop talking and gaze into her eyes.

8. Establish body contact by touching her arm, knee or hold her hand. Place her hand on your leg and keep your hand over hers. You can also put your arm over her shoulder. In the middle of a conversation, suddenly keep quiet, look at her lips and stroke her neck.

9. Kiss her on the cheek and give a reassuring pat on the back as this is acceptable. It also relays sexual tension and if she is okay with this, kiss her on the lips. Suggest going to your place. This is easier during a date at night in a pub, rather than during a day time date.

Do you have any other cool first date tips for men? Share them with the community below.