Facebook Messages – 6 Women Reveal What Works!

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

What would a first Facebook message have to consist of, to be considered a good one?

  • It should be clever and humorous. It should not consist of compliments.
  • The message should be something from the heart, and not related to the man. The message should refer to something to do with the girl, for example about her picture.
  • You should write a message that conveys your a sense of humor.
  • Funny messages help to break the ice and should be aimed at making her laugh.
  • Simple messages such as ‘hi, how are you’ I want to get to know you’, could make you sound genuine.

Worst messages received from men on Facebook

Some men send messages which are used a lot and sound insincere like:

  • When a man asks for the woman’s number straightaway.
  • Corny lines such as ‘have we met before?’
  • Cheap shots like, ‘hi sexy, you look good’. The man should sound natural.

Terrible messages received from men on Facebook

  • Sending pictures while wearing no shirt.
  • Pictures showing him at parties with different women.
  • Sending messages continuously.
  • Sending pictures showing him when he is drunk.
  • Picture of him at the gym, showing off his body. He may also post too much information about himself, appearing conceited.