Exercise For Approaching Women

By C. Amsterdan

It is very normal for men to fear approaching women, especially if they have encountered failure in the past. When you experience this fear it suggests that you are a caring person who does not want to make women uneasy with your actions. The problem is not that you cannot approach a woman; rather, you hesitate because you do not know the correct and effective method to do this.

What Leads to this Fear?

Men, who have eventually become successful with women, have gone through fear of embarrassment, rejection, the unknown and getting a negative reaction from a woman. The above fears make us afraid to make any move and denial of these feelings keep us from looking for help. The fear to approach women means you doubt your ability for women to like you. Not being able to realize that you already have what is required to approach the women holds you back. Most men are in very competitive surroundings and their DNA requires them to be always the best and compete with their peers. They have a plan to lead them to success. However, most of them do not have a plan when it comes to the dating world.

Best Exercise to Learn How To Approach Women

The first step in is always the approach. The biggest mistake men make in relation to women is that they do not approach. Another major mistake most men make is that they reject themselves even before a woman rejects them. Do not be afraid of rejection.

To overcome this fear, start by approaching ten people every day. They should fall into the following categories:

– First, approach people in general – men and women, old and young. Like saying hello to a stranger in the elevator.

– After this, approach women you are not attracted to.

– When you are used to approaching, you can now move to approaching women you are attracted to.

Approach people in the above order and just say hi. Do not force the outcome nor should you focus on the outcome. The goal is just to approach and your success is simply in approaching.