How To Enjoy The PUA Seduction Process

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Being yourself is important during pick up and this has to do with enjoying the seduction process. What matters is the man’s state of mind and not what he says to the woman or seduction techniques he uses.

Be in a Good Mood

When you are in a good mood you become the best version of yourself, and the woman is going to love this. Go out, practice and take action. Approach the woman and talk naturally. Behave like you have known her for years. Be natural as planning what to say and laying strategies does not work.

Women Patterns

Certain patterns are found in women and you can immerse your personality in this pattern. When a woman says she needs to go as she is in a rush, you can tell her, ‘I know you are in a rush but give me a chance to speak my mind.’ This may lead to a long term relationship which would not have materialized if you had let her walk away. A man who speaks his mind is better than one who is being alpha and aggressive. Be Unique Do not go by routine but say what is on your mind. Individuality and self-expression is important. This comes from enjoying the seduction process. You may face rejection but you enjoy the seduction process and have fun. Forget how many rejections you have faced and just enjoy the process. Go out and socialize and meet many women. Love what you do and remember that being rejected will get you results in the end. Get back on your feet and be consistent.