Interview With Elizabeth Wild

By Andy Pope

Don’t forget to check out Elizabeth Wild’s web site! Enjoy the interview!

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the three most important attributes that you look for in a man?

Elizabeth Wild:  If a guy speaks to mey and honestly…maybe shares something private…Iup. I am attracted to all different types of men…I do not have a physical preference. I like men who aren’t afraid to show vulnerability, are honest to a fault and passionate…about life and me!

What was your most fun date?

Elizabeth Wild: Recently I had an excellent date.

I do not date often….very rare to tell u the truth. This date was rather by accident. Actually it wasn’t even a date…but it was the best night I had in a while!

How did you meet your last boyfriend/girlfriend?

Elizabeth Wild: Well, I haven’t had a true relationship in so long I do not remember. I do meet people on line on occasion…I do not go out much. I travel frequently and do meet some people that way.

If I wanted to meet a beautiful woman like you, what would be the best place to meet you? Where do you hang out?

Elizabeth Wild: I go to the gym, but I really do not socialize there. Sometimes I will go to a nice restaurant bar….not really a clubber anymore!

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you?

Elizabeth Wild: I don’t know…honestly I am a bit shy and awkward with men. I get flustered easily …so perhaps some people think I am stand off-ish …but I am always polite. I am a bit of a dork.

Have you ever dated a guy that you didn’t like when you first met him? If yes, what did he do to become more attractive to you?

Elizabeth Wild: Well, if I didn’t like someone’s personality I wouldn’t go out with him. I have dated men I wasn’t attracted to physically but were attracted to mentally…but it really never works. I need chemistry on every level!

What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

Elizabeth Wild: I am prettyand not hard to read once I am comfortable…I do not think I need to send signals!

What is the one thing you wish all men knew about women and dating?

Elizabeth Wild: That the best thing is honesty. If u just want to have sex…say it? If you want to just be casual…you should say it before becoming intimate. AlsoJ girls love attention. Just a simple gesture to let you know he is thinking of you is great! I am not one who needs roses and fancy stuff all the time…but I need to feel like I am not an afterthought.