Eliminate Approach Anxiety

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Watch Neil Strauss – aka Style – as he explains how to best go about eliminating your approach anxiety. 

Having approach anxiety when approaching a woman may stem from many negative thoughts going through your head. Many times we think of ourselves in negative ways and this leads to a lack of confidence.

Negative Thoughts Many Men Suffer From

  • I am not interesting enough.
  • I am too old, too young and unattractive.
  • I am not good enough.

Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. To get rid of these negative thoughts, treat yourself the way you would want your woman to treat you. You would not want to hear the above mentioned negative points from her, so stop letting these ideas run through your head. 

What leads to Approach Anxiety?

Feelings of inadequacy normally come from fear of rejection, anger, shame and sadness. You may feel ashamed of who you are and feel unworthy of the person you want to approach. These feelings may develop when growing up with parents who may be forced you to take up a course you were not interested in, making you feel resentful.

Ways to Eliminate Approach Anxiety

  • Raise your emotional intelligence. The higher it is, the greater your chances of meeting a girl with the same high EQ.
  • Do not put down the person you are in a relationship with, as this will reflect on you as well. Your life is a reflection of who you are.
  • Work at having a high self esteem. You may have grown up feeling scared of your parents or feeling sorry for them. Start parenting yourself and become a great parent to yourself.
  • Practice affirmations often to make yourself feel worthy and therefore raise your self-esteem and become more confident.
  • Allow yourself to trust more.
  • Change your inputs by reading more. You may read newspapers and it is advisable to concentrate on positive news which in turn will give you a positive outlook in life.

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