Don’t Choke With Hot Girls

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

A man may be good in approaching beautiful women and talking to them. However, he may encounter an exceptionally beautiful woman and completely choke up, not knowing what to say or what to do. This can happen to someone who is new in the game and one who is experienced and knows how to make good conversation and escalate.




A man may spot a very beautiful woman in a club and decide to approach her. When he goes up to her however, he just freezes, which is an indication of choking. This reaction comes from the brain. When you practice something a lot and are good at it, you become confident and stop monitoring yourself. This interferes with the process. However, there should be a balance in monitoring; not too much and not too little. When you concentrate too much on the rules, this may lead to choking as well. If you walk up to a girl and experience choking, do not focus on this too much. Distract yourself by checking out her nails or a sign hung in the bar. The left hemisphere of the brain is known to control conscious monitoring. A technique used on athletes which involves clenching the left hand, helps to reduce choking. A man who experiences choking when approaching a beautiful girl can try to practice this to reduce pressure. To restore your confidence, remember the successful experiences you have had before. To get rid of this anxiety, confront your fears. Practice approaching different beautiful women in a club and with time you will be able to overcome this problem. The more exposure you have with women, the better you will become in approaching them, no matter how beautiful. This will help reduce incidents of choking and your self esteem will improve.