Direct Daytime Dating

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

A great seminar held by Sasha on daytime dating, also known as daygame. It’s essentially approaching women that you are interested in dating during the daytime. Quick summary of the video below:

If you are having fun in your life and are happy, a woman picks up positive energy from you and finds you attractive. If you enter a bar and look nervous and stand in a corner, it will put off anyone who sees this. However, if you enter a bar confidently, looking like you don’t have a care in the world, people will notice you. This is when you are yourself and do not care who is watching. Be yourself and create energy. Do not put on an act and fake any emotion. It should always be all about you. Approaching a Girl When you approach a girl, she might not know how to handle this and may get startled. Make humorous comments which make her laugh or smile, to put her at ease. You can make a comment that sounds negative in the beginning but ends up as a compliment. This makes her amused and she will laugh or smile. It boosts your confidence when you make people laugh. Flirting When flirting, be shameless always. Do not be shy about it as sex is natural. You can make funny comments when you approach a woman, to put her at ease. The secret is to have the mentality that it is actually the girl who wants to pick you. Some hilarious comments which are bound to make her laugh are: – I know you find me attractive, I saw you looking at me. – Don’t panic, this is not a robbery. – I am not hitting on you. – If she is dressed fabulously, you can say, ‘What are you doing? You look so hot in that dress. You should be locked up in a cell because you are causing me to stop what I am doing because I am distracted.’